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From Storytime to Party Time: The Library’s Unexpected Adult Masquerade

From Storytime to Party Time: The Library’s Unexpected Adult Masquerade

In the small town of Meadowridge in Upstate New York in October of 2017, their local library decided to host its first-ever Halloween event. They planned an array of activities for kids, like a spooky story session, Halloween crafts, and even a costume contest. Excited about the event, the library put out fliers and made an announcement on their website about the upcoming “Halloween Evening at the Library.”

On the day of the event, the library staff were all dressed up. There was a witch at the checkout desk, a mummy shelving books, and even Dracula handling the information desk. They eagerly waited for the children to start pouring in for the fun-filled evening.

However, as the clock ticked and the evening progressed, adults began to arrive — and not just any adults, but adults in elaborate costumes! There was a middle-aged Batman discussing a book with Cleopatra, a zombie browsing the history section, and a fairy godmother checking out a cookbook.

Confused, the library staff soon realized that there had been a mix-up. The announcement on their website had accidentally been posted in the “Adults Events” section rather than the “Children’s Events.”

Seeing the amusing side of things, the library staff decided to go with the flow. They quickly organized an impromptu costume contest for adults, offered refreshments, and turned the evening into an unexpected adult Halloween party.

The event was a hit! The adults had a great time, and it became a town legend. The next year, the library intentionally hosted two Halloween events, one for kids and one for adults, to keep the spirit of the unintentional costume party alive.

This just goes to show that sometimes, even mistakes can lead to the most memorable events!

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